New and different and ,n.

She died a year later - 031421

So much has happened since I last wrote.  

Big points:

I self-identify as polyamorous and a bit queer.  

I am over 50.

Two surgeries to the same knee. 

My mom died (directly related to me being over 50 by giving and sustaining my life during the early years, but nothing with the poly-am part.

One of my poly-am partners, a person I deeply loved, died of complications due to cancer.

I’ve been in therapy since 2012.

I am making more art that is outside or tangential to photography.

I suck at guitar, but love it.

I have a studio.

I am still fat.

I am more woke, but never will be fully woken.  I strive to be.

I organize art shows.

I have a hybrid.

I am vaccinated*.

I have a new blog that will be separate from this one.  It is called ,n  and can be found here.  I am not going to introduce it more here for it is pretty self-explanatory when you read it.  

I hope to start sharing more here on things different than that blog. This blog will be mainly focused on art and creation.  

*If you read this and are not familiar to why this is important, search “COVID19”.

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