Ever notice...

Candace - 122611

... the feeling of over consumption after Christmas?  I am talking about the food, beverages, toys, gifts, wrapping paper, and all the extra stuff?  I think I am ready to make a big change for 2012.

No more Christmas gifts for me from family and friends.  We all stress out shopping for the people on our list without really having time to get something they want.  I know I've rushed gifts off without much thought on if it will be good for the receiver.  I've received those gifts as well.  They are more of a burden than a gift. 

I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond today to get a few household items.  The return line was 20+ deep while the purchase line was empty.  All these people got something they didn't want and now have to get a refund or store credit and find something else.  

I prefer shopping for a birthday gift where I can think on the person and try to get them something personal.  Some of my friends and I prefer experiential gifts, like massages, dinners, etc.  Others prefer items like music, art, and other things they can enjoy, or hold, or consume.  By having time to focus on the individual I can get them that special something that will feel good for them.

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