Auld lang syne

Valya - 010112

Happy New Year

Thanks to all of you for being a part of my year.  You make me a better person and I look forward to going into 2012 with you.


  1. Here we are at 2012, Karl, and still going - online and off. You've been a treasured friend for four years now, if I'm counting Time correctly, and I'm so grateful to go forward with you.

    Thank you for the beautiful music. It gave me chills. My Prussian family name is Lange (Lang), which in German means "long." It makes me wonder about my ancestors being given or taking that name a long, long time ago. We are not tall people, so I wonder if it came from family longevity. It's hard to say. But I've had an auld lang syne so far in my life, having reached 67 in good health. I hope 2012 brings us both good health and prosperity.

  2. Carla - Thank you for the warm friendship and memories. I am grateful for all of it over the years.


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