Gender and sexual dynamics.

Joshua Tree National Park - 122011

Blog friend Carla wrote a great post about sexual aggression titled, Holiday and Everyday- STRANGE.  Her post elicited many comments on the subject and made me reflect on the power of sexual dynamics and the self.   As a response, another blog friend, Cyranos posted a personal and very well-written post about internet perv trolls titled, Orcs, Trolls, and the Culture of Sexual Othering…  Like Carla's post, it generated many reflective and well written comments.  I highly recommend you read them both.

I wont really elaborate more than what I wrote in the comments sections of both posts.  I think we all have varying scales of sexual aggression and behaviors.  We all can be the bad boy, choir boy, perv, slut, skank, angel, demon, dominant, submissive, aggressive, passive, studly sexual beings.  We use these for both sex and power.  Sometimes we want to command, other times we want follow.  I know I can see all those characteristics in myself and probably use them for different purposes throughout life.

"Sex. In America an obsession. In other parts of the world a fact."
- Marlene Dietrich
I really like the new (to the US) Fiat 500*.  I checked out the US website and was drawn instantly to the new Fiat 500 Abarth, the sports model. There is a video (see below) for the new Abarth.  At first glance I thought it was sexy, objectifying, and funny.  After reading Carla and Cyranos's posts, I find it much more complex and contextual in regards to my reflections on their posts.  I would love to speak Italian and know what she is saying.  My question for all of you, who has the power?  My thoughts on that are below the video.

Abarth Video

Ok, now you have watched the video, who has the power?  In my mind, he does.  It is obvious she has it at first, but in the end, she is just a representation of the car in his mind.  She doesn't exist.   The erotic symbolism of the frothed milk foam is one of the most blatantly sexually suggestive elements I've seen in any commercial.  It can represent anything from his dominance to his premature ejaculatory issues (maybe I am being to Freudian and have to remember that sometimes frothed milk foam is just frothed milk foam).   **What are your thoughts on this bit of advertising?

*Italians design and build the sexiest and most passionate cars in the world.  Their cars are not known for reliability and great function, but who cares.  You feel safe and secure in a German car and sexy and alive in an Italian car.  Choose whichever makes sense for your needs.

** I am very happy to see the European advertising influences coming to America.  Europeans are not afraid of sexing things up.  It reinforces the Marlene Dietrich quote.


  1. *chuckle* Red seats, those red seats in a dark interior... open the (door? ) *grin*, and enjoy the ride? You know the cuffs and collar are going to match on the magnificent work of womanhood presented as the inner spirit of the machine… I'll put that right alongside the frothed milk for being mondo suggestive. Implication? treat her right and you have no idea what she can do for you... mistreat her, ignore her (aka, don't buy her)? She'll do more than a ceremonial tap on the cheek. The only 'power' sort of thing I saw was the psycho-social assumption all young men will see a hot car as a hot babe, that no matter how meek and civil and housebroken (something for the girls don't you know) he might look on the outside if he's involved with one of these there's some serious passion in his soul somewhere so ladies, it's up to you to bring it out so you can both enjoy it… but, that's just me talking and I'm an add man's worst nightmare...

    Karl, thanks for the mention, do appreciate it :-)

  2. I love your list of implications. I also appreciate that the lady is the key to unlocking the man's passion. Very insightful observations.

    I still wonder what she is saying. Maybe the sexy unknown with the super sexy Italian words adds to the mystery and allure and if I find out what she is saying, it will lose its magic.

  3. "...who has the power? In my mind, he does. It is obvious she has it at first, but in the end, she is just a representation of the car in his mind. She doesn't exist."

    Karl, I believe I wrote a post about the danger of being a man's fantasy girl. He doesn't have a clue who you really are. Indeed, you don't exist. You are just the stand-in for a dream and had better stay that way. You are so right. In reality, your competition is a car, a job, the guy's mother or religion, whatever.

    Just my interpretation coming from a nude model's experience.

    Thank you for continuing the conversation and added a great ad to the mix. It's loaded with icons.

  4. Okay, what real woman would smack a guy for admiring her, then seduce him? And did you notice how she was pulling his tie? Definitely the Dom in that 59-second romance. Are the advertisers implying that this car dominates?

  5. Carla, that is a very astute observation about the fantasy girl. I've projected unrealistic expectations on women that in the end hurt both of us. I've seen women create the fantasy dream man attributing him with characteristics based on her wishes in a man, not necessarily what he truly is. I think I find the best relationships are those with attraction at first sight and an organic relationship springing from it rather than idolization of the person before the two have ever met.

    Jochanaan - Thank you for the your observations. I hadn't thought of that. I have a sports car and understand the mentality of it a bit. Either I drive it meekly, never using its potential, or I drive it as its meant to be with respect for its power, yet controlling it, or I drive recklessly assuming I am truly the dominant one and that usually ends up with a humbling and potentially very dangerous lesson.

  6. I'll take the Italian car over the German one, hands down. Unfortunately I can't afford the Italian car. You can read whatever you want to in that statement.

  7. Hey Joe, so great to hear from you again. I agree about choosing the Italian sports car (the Ferrari 459 being my choice) over any other make.


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