Valya 121111

One of my favorite days this year was November 21st.  It was the last day of my New York vacation/photography trip.  It also was a chance to photograph Valya.  My artist's soul needed to work with her again.

I had a loose concept and we discussed it.   It is not as easy to define as our stuff we created in 2010.  This one is still in its infancy and I wanted a look and feel, but direction of emotion and movement was very open to the moment.   We talked through different nuances and parts and also let the moment flow through with minimal words.   After the photo shoot we talked some more.  I need to say this.  Valya is a true artist muse for me.   I truly feel it is a gift and honor to create art with her. 

Valya 121111
I don't use the term "muse" lightly.  I've only worked with a few, and each one of them was a gift to me and my art.  One key part of our relationship is the trust in each other.  I trust her as I share my ideas and how they come from deep in me.  Sometimes I am not the best at expressing them, yet she has a muse's magic at helping me dig them up.  She knows when to ask a question and when to let silence guide both of us.  I trust her with the things I share about my thoughts, visions, nightmares, and where I want to go, no matter how vague.

I feel she trusts me as well to witness her natural state.   She doesn't act so much as she lives through the moment.  I feel she shares a bit of her soul with me as I shared mine as well.  This openness allows both of us to feel comfortable and connected which allows us to create together.

Another gift we share is that we can laugh during a session.  I tend to pick darker, sadder, and quieter moments I want to capture.  I greatly appreciate the laughs to help keep things real as well.

One of my favorite things Valya does is shares ideas.  She offers thoughts, suggestions, and works with me to create what I need.  She gives every effort during our time and I greatly appreciate it.

At this time of year I look back and think of things to be thankful for.  One of my top things is having had the privilege of sharing time with Valya twice this year.  She not only helps me make art, she helps me live it.

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  1. I'm so glad you had another meaningful shoot with Valya. It's so important to work as much as possible with those who feed our spirit.

    Beautiful work!


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