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NYC - 030611
Hi.  My name is Karl Sutphin and I am a blogger.  I am also a photographer, artist, and a middle-aged, slightly balding, over weight white guy.  This is a blog about me and what I see, think and learn.  It will be lofty, liminal and low down*.   It will have lots of my photography and a bit about art.  This blog will also have a smattering of other stuff I run across

The name of the blog comes from an answer I commonly give to the question, "Whatya doin'? "  My reply, "Looking about."  I am fascinated by what I see and find meaning, joy, anger, love, sorrow, passion, lust, beauty, ugliness, and every other aspect of the human, inhuman, and non human condition out there.

I can photograph almost anything, but prefer having a person in front of the camera.  I am a sensualist.  My primary sense is sight.  I am very visually oriented. My other senses also appreciate being challenged, but I will always look first.

You may know me from my old blog, which shall not be named.  At that blog, I first went by SB, for Side B, my alias.  At one point I decided to give out my first name.  During the two years I wrote that blog, I felt I needed to be anonymous.  This perceived need to be masked had both real and assumed reasons behind it.  Toward the end I was fighting a personal battle over not being able to be myself and take personal accountability and ownership over my creations and life.  I ended that blog because I felt I couldn't be me.  Now, I can.  I will write more about the struggle in future posts. 

I am pleading guilty to future thievery.  My old blog is part of my past and will soon be removed, but I will recycle some of my favorite old posts.    I downloaded all my posts from it and reread every one of them.  I deleted over 90% of them, but I wrote some good stuff back then and don't want them to disappear.  I plan to give them a few updates, edits, and blatantly reuse them.  I also want to take ownership of that good stuff and stamp it with my name.

I encourage and appreciate comments.  Please share what you think.

So, with out any more fanfare, let us start looking about.

*Terms I learned to describe elements of Renaissance art.


  1. Cheers, Karl! Welcome to the world of Reality where we have real names and accountability even while in the Pixel Forest! When you closed your other blog, it was a great blight on bloggie world. I lost a ton of inspiration.

    So, selfishly, I rejoice in your return! And, empathetically, I rejoice in your freedom to be yourself!!! Congratulations!

  2. Welcome back to bloggie world. We are still in hiding, but perhaps something will come of our creative juice being bottled up inside our little room. Looking forward to seeing your stuff and hearing what you have to say.

  3. Welcome back, Karl. Ha! I knew you couldn't stay gone too long. You've got too much to say and too many people look forward to your commentary and blog comments. Its good to "see" you, my friend!


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