Recent stuff -February - Part 1

Candace - 031111

I worked with Candace Nirvana again last month. It was a great, relaxed shoot. She is golden to work with.  I highly recommend her.  I wont go into a lengthy writing on the session because it was a beautiful moment and the photos will speak for themselves. 

A few weeks after working with Candace, a local model contacted me through Model Mayhem. She wanted to build her portfolio and felt that the work on my MM portfolio represented a look she liked. I agreed to photograph her for free, in exchange that I got to work on some stuff for my current series I am working on. She quickly agreed and we set up a photo shoot. I took work off for the day and got everything prepped for the shoot. We were supposed to start at 1:30pm.   By 3:30, no phone call, email, or text.  Nothing.  I sent her this message.


Everything OK?


I got no reply. I am relieved to see she has logged into MM since then and is OK. She now has a declaration stating she will bring an escort along to sessions with all photographers she hasn't worked with.  If she didn't feel safe and thought she needed to do that with me, she should have told me ahead of time or at least asked. I hate getting stood up.  Out of the dozen plus models I've worked with, this is the first no show.  All other models have been great and very communicative when issues arise.

I worked with a different model a few days later and told her of this incident.  She said that it was too bad and then shared a few of her photographer horror stories.  Her experiences made look at this relationship from the other side of the lens.   I knew the  model/photographer relationship goes both ways with success and failure on both sides.  It was good to learn it again.  I will mention more about that second shoot in the next post.  That session made me feel awkward.

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  1. The no-show is legendary. I've never done that. I've always canceled if I had second thoughts or got negative feedback when I checked references. I think you've heard some of my photographer horror stories and those of my friends. One was given a date-rape drug in a soft drink she was offered.

    This story sounds like someone who devalued you when you waived payment. Just a guess.


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