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I got a diptych into a local show.  The title of the exhibit is 80 eyes 40 views.  The works are from artists in two portfolio courses at the local college.  Half are photographers and the other half painters and sculptors.

My diptych by its buddys
These courses are for us to develop a series of work and create a portfolio.  Sadly, the exhibit only has one of our pieces.  My series will have five or six diptychs that need each other for deeper meaning.  With that said, I am happy at least a part my series will be exhibited.  I am even happier that one of the photos is of Valya.   I appreciate her willingness to share deeper emotions than just showing simple poses.  I wont go into my reading on this diptych (other than the title of the series is Tipping Point), but highly encourage you to share your observations.  None of the individual diptychs will have titles.

You can click on the diptych to see a larger view.
Moi and the diptych -I wish Valya could have been here for the reception


  1. Just stopping in to say congrats!

  2. Awesome! Congratulations, Karl. I love the pic of you standing by your work. And I do want to say THANK YOU for going beyond the many cliches I see thousands of a month on megasite dA. I wish everyone with a camera needed a license to shoot it and would earn that license by going through an art program like yours. Art is and always has been about honest emotion and/or an insight into our world. That's why it's part of the HUMANities.

    Your images with Valya go beyond anything I've seen on dA in a very, very long time, and I venture to say they would be rejected by the most elite groups there whose administrators haven't the vaguest understanding of photography or fine art.

    That rant out of the way, I celebrate you and your TRUE artistic expression! Best wishes on the show!!!

  3. Aw, I wish I could have been there too!


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