Wow. Seven days in...

Nelson, NV - 010713

... and all those resolutions to simplify and try to go at a healthier pace have vanished already.  Oh well.  I guess my resolution to listen to more music is working though.

Nothing deep here, just winding out my day.  This post should be called, "No Nude Monday.  Here are some recent photos from Nelson, Nevada.  Thanks to Terrell for introducing this place to me.

West of the Colorado River near Nelson, NV - 010713

I can do the occasional landscape if needed.  My thanks to nature for beautiful clouds and earth.


  1. Maybe you should keep - No Nude Monday - as a way to showcase your other work to us.

    A quick search of Nelson images and it seems as a well photographed area, especially by wedding people.

    These are nice landscapes. As a mid-west flatlander use to our short field of vision. The vast openness of the west almost always gives me a sense of wonder.

    You were blessed with some great clouds. Focusing on nature can be a rewarding and sometimes healing adventure. Noticing the beauty and details of the outdoors can enhance and renew the pleasures of exploring the nude form again.

    D.L. Wood

    1. D.L. - Thank you for your comments. I agree that photographing nature can be healing and need to keep that in mind. I find that photographing nudes is getting to be like rib eye steaks. I love them both and want more and more, but the limited diet is really bad for me.


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