Wanton, Wanting, Wonton Wednesday

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Wanton - adjective (of a cruel or violent action) Deliberate and unprovoked.  Noun - A sexually immodest or promiscuous woman.  Verb - Play; frolic.
Wanting - adjective 1. Lacking in a certain required or necessary quality: "their products would be found wanting in a direct comparison"  2. Not existing or supplied; absent.
Wonton - noun - (in Chinese cooking) A small round dumpling or roll with a savory filling, usually eaten boiled in soup.   - Dictionary.com
 I find all three of these words apropos to today.  Each fit a mood, desire, or need for my Wednesday.  Starting from the bottom.

Wonton - For me, there are few soups that taste as good on a cold, rainy day.  It warms the body and soul.  It also helps decongest the sinuses. 

Wanting - I sometimes feel like I am lacking in a certain required or necessary quality.  This hits hard on Wednesdays because the week has evolved far enough to know what must be done, but the realization hits on what I am capable of doing.  I feel like the black horse in this gif today. 

Wanton - I wonder why that word has different meanings, whether as an adjective, noun, or verb.  Other than not being a woman (and why is it only directed at women?), I sometimes feel like all three variations at the same time.   Today I may feel sexually immodest or promiscuous with a desire to play or frolic cruelly.  Ok, that is a bit of a stretch, but I can see that it could happen.

Along with the wanton label, I wonder if I described the ladies in the images as "wanton" or "wanting", how would they be perceived compared to "empowered", "aroused", or "erotic"?


  1. "empowered", "aroused", or "erotic"?
    All three could be all three.
    All three could be "wanton"
    None of the three could be "wanting"

    Wed. Could be for Waylon.
    GET NAKED WITH ME by Waylon Jennings

    I've always been crazy. One of my favorite Waylon songs.

    I know Waylon doesn't have anything to do with your post - except that's what I thought when I first saw your heading. lol
    D.L. Wood

    1. Thank you for incorporating Waylon into this. He is all over my iPod. I think it is a brilliant tie-in.

  2. My take on wanton comes from the word's origin. It's not from the Latin. It's Old English, and shows the Anglo attitude toward men, women, and sexuality. Just based my study of differences in advertising between North and South Europe, it would appear sensuality and sexuality are much more acceptable for both men and women in Italy and Spain.

    1. I agree that historically Italy, Spain and the areas of the Romance languages live with an innate spirit of sensuality and sexuality. The few times I've "explored" Germany though... even I felt a bit shocked... enough said.

  3. After finding this listing of Waylon's songs - http://www.whosdatedwho.com/tpx_30234/waylon-jennings/songs - late last night, well I guess you could call 2a.m. early this morning, I spent over an hour in the comfort of the favorites, it was like the warmth of an old flannel shirt and mining the unfamiliar like a miner bent over a new stream; where I found two I had never heard.

    I Tremble for You - http://www.whosdatedwho.com/tpx_30234/waylon-jennings/tpx_2198541

    Whistlers and Jugglers

    To interject some female presence here - I bet the hardest part of leaving for Waylon was leaving behind the ever beautiful Jessi Colter.

    D.L. Wood


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