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Heading west toward 95 - 012113

Inauguration day.  I have only a few thoughts on the President's speech.  It's about fucking time he grew a set and chose to address big issues head on.  Some of these include financial equity, marriage equity, and the progressive agenda.  This will make us discuss it and push forward.  I hope we grow to be a better nation and not see the gridlock and absolutism of our political nation.


  1. I agree, Karl. I was excited to hear a clear breakthrough agenda! We have needed this kind of leadership ever since Clinton left office.

    A political strategist speaking on a Sunday talk show suggested Obama take a cue from Pres. Reagan. Make friends with 30 moderate House Republicans, and he will have the votes to override the Teabaggers (Absolutists). Get something passed in the House even if it isn't exactly what is desired, then let the Senate "fix it."

    Interesting. Might work. Congress has to break the gridlock! I'd also suggest he keep sending Biden in to negotiate.

    1. I agree. It will be interesting to see the political mechanization going about.

  2. It's one problem of having two terms. You may now have the balls to do things you might not have done in the first term but now you lose power with congress because they no longer fear your future.

    Plus this congress seems even more than others to care little for the true welfare of the American people and how we are seen by the rest of the world. They seem to care mostly about getting the best sound bite in the media, gloating over small victories and getting re-elected.

    It would have been a great show of how we could still be a leader of this world if they had truly come together over the fiscal cliff issue. The rest of the major countries of the world were waiting to see what we would do. Do we come together and make tough decisions as it was spoken of doing and that needed to be done? Do we man up and all take responsibility? Do we show every watchful eye how we can really get back on track and point them down the road to global prosperity? Do we do it the minute the specter raised it's ugly head?

    No! We first ignore it like it will go away. Then when we are pushed against the wall of our own doing they start pointing fingers at each other trying to deflect the glare of their own failures. Then at the last minute a few tidbits of appeasement are dangled before the public and everyone declares with puffed out chests - see what we did for you in adverting this crisis. When in reality all they did was postpone it like they have done in the past. A disappointment for our country and the world that watched it. It's a sorry lot on both sides of the aisle if you ask me and of course you didn't - it was just a personal little rant of frustration. 8-(

    D.L. Wood

    1. D.L. - Your rants are more lucid and well thought than most others' well-thought speaking points.


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