It's been a bad week.

Dead Thistles - 1206

A few weeks ago a good friend came to visit us over Thanksgiving weekend.  We all had a great time.  She flew back to her new home in the Pacific Northwest.

On Wednesday morning, I found out this close friend died in her apartment.  She had been a very healthy 36 year old less than two weeks ago and now her light just blinked out.  No news on cause, but the family shared that there were "no signs of violence or self injury".

My friend who died lived her life full of adventure, fun and freedom.  I am trying to figure out how the loss of her will impact me and what I should learn.  The main lesson so far is to never assume I have a tomorrow.

This evening I got a message from another friend that both hurt and pretty much brought back the rift that we had filled in over the past few months that had divided us before.  It is amazing how fast a few lines in a message does that.  The lesson from this event is sometimes rifts just can't be filled without having a little storm wash it out again. 

 My second part of the Skyfall series is on hold.  I will write more when I get back into the mood.

The darkness of this video feels fitting today. 


  1. Karl, I am sorry to hear about your young friend. It's sad when someone leaves us early, but I have to say it is also sad when someone past the expected age dies. My cousin's husband recently died at age 50, older than your friend but short of life expectancy. I've known my aunt since I was a small child, and she never before said, "I love you," but she's telling me now.

    That's the lesson we learn. A rabbi told me long ago, "Never go to bed without making amends with loved ones." I would add, "Never allow a loved one to hang up a phone or walk away without telling that person you love them."

    Our human hubris makes us count on tomorrow, and it may or may not come for us and those around us. Death humbles us and shows reality.

    1. Carla - I am sorry for my slow response. Your last sentence truly captures it all. We found out the suspected cause - food poisoning. What a random way to go.


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