A day of Rain.

Rain - 1222812

Rain - 122812
A month or so back I enjoyed an afternoon photographing Rain DeGrey.  She is a local legend in the modeling industry.  I wanted to photograph her again since the first time we worked together was not an ideal situation (not at all her fault).

Rain is a hardworking, well prepared model.  She has a fun and funny style that can quickly turn to as serious as you desire in the photo shoot.  She is willing to try new things and stretch to what I wanted to try.  Some things worked well due to her.  Others failed, not because of her, but because the idea was weak.

I look forward to working with her again.  This was a pretty vanilla shoot.  She is willing to go dark and gritty and I am thinking about where that will take me in creating stuff.  As with all models, it takes time to get to the level of collaboration and trust.  I feel this is going to be a good partnership.


  1. It must be wonderful to work with such a model. One that is intuitive enough to push a little but not take over in a way to take away the photographers intent for the pose.

    D.L. Wood

    1. I feel fortunate. Sometimes a good model will push a bit further than expected and I've gotten some gold from that too.

  2. Since I am probably pushy, I like to hear that, Karl! It's hard to say if I really am, though...we seldom appear to others as we (fear) we appear to ourselves.

    1. Carla - Very wise words about appearances. We are our own worst, or weakest critics.


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