I promise to get back to Skyfall soon.

Rain - 121712
Life is getting back to normal at the personal level.  At a national level we have tragedy, politics, and politics of tragedy playing out around us.  My deceased friend's family came to get her.  She is now ashes and on her way home to the UK.   The authorities are initially saying food poisoning.  What a weird and random way to go.  She was a pretty fastidious food preparer.

I have three shows coming down soon.  It will be good to get onto new stuff.

Speaking of new stuff, I got the chance to work with the beautiful Rain DeGray again recently.  Above is an early image from our recent session.

I will write about Skyfall in next.  Until then, a little Neko Case to keep me in harmony.


  1. Glad your back. Grieving is usually difficult and so individual.

    Rain DeGray - wow quite a resume goes with that name. I like the image and not just because I'm a sucker for an erect nipple. I know sometimes I'm shameless. lol

    D.L. Wood

    1. D.L. - Rain is a local legend in some circles. What we created is outside of her regular realm and we both enjoyed it. I am planning some grittier photo shoots with her in the 2013.

  2. Yeah. Looking forward to the new work as well.

    1. Thanks T. I hope to see you in LV.


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