Our American City - New York

From Hoboken, NJ - 111012

If you read my stuff, you know I love, am in love with, and have an infatuation with New York City.  I've walked the streets, ate the food, photographed the place, and always feel a longing to return.  I can't claim I know it or am from there though although I feel myself desiring it again.
Valya - 111012

When the news kept coming back about Sandy's devastation to it, I instantly felt my heart sink.  I was there almost exactly a year ago and enjoyed the brisk November weather.  Now, I worried about all the people I know there.  Some had damage, some are cold and in the dark, but all are holding up.   I emailed Valya and she said her power was out, but she and her family were OK out in Brooklyn.

New York has a resilience that is unique to itself.  It can take one right on the chin, get up, tell the hurricane to, "go fuck itself", and then eventually go back to being New York.

New York - once you get back up again, I will be back.  I love you.


  1. I can't wait to go back there as well. I've only visited once and it was only on a whim for the weekend. I've got a lot of travel dreams and NY is but one of many. Nonetheless, I need to prioritize it better even for just another weekend. I spent the majority of my time in Central Park. New York will rebound. New Orleans already has. Time...

    1. I agree it will rebound. As for visiting, I'd say a minimum of 3 days with a chance you will want to spend 3months.


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