I love this country.

Grand Central Station - NYC

I hate politics. I despise the vitriol poisoning common discourse.  I hate the fear mongering.  I hate the growing culture war.  I fear the backstabbing in Washington will only lead to a weak, sick nation, but...
Palm Springs, CA

I love this country.  I love the geography, the diversity, and the cultures.  I love how I can get in my car and drive everywhere that my gas money allows and see it.  I love that even though I am a Californian and many disagree with the politics of my state, I am still an American.  I am an American, for better or for worse. 

Why am I declaring the love for this country?  Call me a sentimental sap, but I saw a great Magnum photo essay called America the Beautiful and it made me realize how much I appreciate the grandness of this country.  Whether I am in Queens New York or at a Holiday Inn hotel in Sioux City, I know I am in my country. 

Donna's Ranch - Wells, NV

I really need a road trip and follow the inspiration of Robert Frank.
Duck Lake Road outside of Glacier Park, MT

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