Not liking!

Mare Island - 020413

One of friends who is now looking for colleges had a very endearing and easily understood experience when she was four years old.  It happened when we watched Shrek together.  There is a scene where Shrek is really mean to Donkey and yells at him to send him away.  My little friend crawled into my lap and said to me, "Not liking!" and turned her head to avoid seeing the sad scene in the movie.  I had to agree, "not liking".

Over the past few weeks I've seen a couple of other friends that were friends before I met them are falling out.  It has probably been brewing for awhile.  It hurts since they once shared a deep connection and both respect and affection for each other.  Now their relationship feels poisoned.  Their growing split is getting harder to witness.  Not liking.

Many of my friendships in my life faded away over the last few decades.  Facebook has helped a few of us reconnect, but that is a rarity.  I understand when friendships slowly flow apart since we all develop separate lives that slowly erode the commonalities we once shared.

It is really sad though to lose friendships over hard feelings and misunderstandings.  I've regrettably been part of those splits and witnessed a few as well. Sadly, this is part is life I guess.  During my witnessing this recent break, I know that my role is probably best to stay to the side and try to love and support them both.  For now though, I want to look away and say, "Not liking."


  1. So are we to be silent and not call anyone out on questionable rhetoric and/or actions? After all, that often creates "drama."

    Silence accomplishes nothing except to perpetuate the status quo. We have herds of elephants in all our rooms. But don't mention them or you're creating "drama."

    On the other hand, disrespect for models has done much to dampen my love for creating nude art and erotica. I more and more admire model Alex B for putting on her clothes, signing with agencies, and getting "legitimate" work. I hope, as someone who likes to photograph fine art nude and erotica, that you realize how much it costs your models. Our choice, yes, inevitable to be dissed by the general public, yes. But why compound that with photographers behaving boorishly?

    1. Thank you for the comment. I am not saying that silence by all ignoring problems is the solution. I encourage open communication between those involved, even if the communication is very tough. My point is that I am sad to witness it. Nothing more than that.

  2. Unfortunately, "those involved" would be the art community itself. It's yet another chip away from what I thought it meant to be a "model." The power differential is simply not surmountable. One lone model is absolutely irrelevant. I can satire it all I want, but it won't change a thing. That's what is really sad.


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