At last, Friday Night Lite.

Jolene  - 020813

My last post got all deep and theological and shit.  Enough of the deep stuff for this week.  I just turned off my work computer for the evening and it is time to relax with a cocktail, some brie and crackers, and maybe a cigar.

First, I want to say goodbye to 30 Rock.  Tina Fey and her companions gave us 7 seasons of intelligent comedy.  It was never a great popular success, but a critical one.  I thank NBC for giving this smart show a chance when they could have killed it years ago.  It ended well.  Below is a great montage called "Shit Liz Lemon Says".

I am in Las Vegas for the weekend.   Below are a few shots from the inside of my Virgin America flight.  I highly recommend flying with them.  Good prices, great service, and a Rave Party feel inside, minus the drugs, plus the lighting and music.

And here is a bit of music to start the weekend.
I've been living (living) on a dead-end street
I've been asking (asking) everybody I meet
Insufficient data coming through


  1. ", minus the drugs" - Bummer Dude. Well alcohol was always my drug of choice. lol

    "..all deep and theological and shit.'

    I don't think it was shit. It's funny that sometimes I really want to comment but can't find the right words or thoughts that go together in a coherent way.

    I started something s couple of times and then I would re-read it. It got too long and edited it wasn't what I wanted to say. Found a couple of quotes but couldn't tie them together with my thoughts...so hit delete button.

    I'll leave you with the quotes and none of "my" shit. 8-)

    Then Old Age, and Experience, hand in hand,
    Lead him to Death, and make him understand,
    After a search so painful, and so long,
    That all his life he has been wrong.
    Huddled in dirt the reasoning engine lies,
    Who was so proud, so witty and so wise.
    :John Wilmot

    Belief consists in accepting the affirmations of the soul; Unbelief, in denying them.
    :Ralph Waldo Emerson

    D.L. Wood

    1. D.L. Those are great quotes. It is a topic that is really deep and very ambiguously personal for me to write about more than I did. .


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