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Mollee and Courtney - 103111
A few weeks ago I went out with two of my favorite photographers/model friends.  Courtney and Mollee took me to their secret abandoned house to do a shoot with both of them.  I wanted to photograph Mollee for my borders series and then photograph both of them for another conceptual series.
Mollee - 103111

I forget how much fun, energy, and creativity comes out during a shoot with kindred spirits.  Mollee and Courtney are amazing photographers and know how to work both sides of the camera.  I also enjoyed their enthusiasm, laughter, hard work, and mostly, their belief in my work and efforts to help me get what I needed.
Courtney - 103111

We went out for dinner afterward and had one of the best chats about our lives, art, and other stuff.  Makes me glad to be where I am and to know great people.

Mollee and Courtney - 103111

Little Bird - The White Stripes

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  1. I like the one of Courtney smoking. No matter what anyone says. It says something.


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