Hit the road jack...

Candace - 100211

I am on an extended break from work. I earn an extra 6 weeks of vacation (they call it a "sabbatical") every six years. My 12 anniversary at the company was Sept 27th, so I decided to take my time off immediately. I need the break. The past year has been rough at work, home, school, and life in general. I've almost been laid off three times, worked 60+ hour weeks for months straight, and have seen many friends lose their jobs including 19 more on my last day before break. At home... just trying to figure out how the next half of my life will go is bad, but I am still struggling with figuring out tomorrow and keeping what I have and what I have lost from overwhelming me today. My studies helped me grow greatly as an artist, but at high costs of time, energy, and emotions, and bits of my soul. My soul is tired, beaten, and mixed with anger, regret, loss, but still has bits of hope for the future.

This break is going to be important. I will be traveling to some of my favorite places - Montana, the desert, Las Vegas, and New York City. I am going to enjoy some HFO time. In my college bus driving days, we would use that acronym as code for "Hang-the-Fuck Out", or in other words, just chill and do nothing. I will also be working on my website, which I just got a great domain name for and will be premiering here. I plan to photograph the hell out of my break as well. I may also shoot some reflective video and try to take stock of where my art is and create some things I've long needed to. Since I am going to be in the car for many hours driving to far states, it may be good for me to keep a video journal of my thoughts. I am also working on finishing up a personal photo series that I will also share here.

One more thing.  I apologize for the long break.  I have reasons for the break, but they are boring and involve the work and life that lead up to my vacation.  They are behind me for now.

I first chose this song because of the title.  It is one of my favorites from Ray Charles.  After listening to it, I am getting a second message of why I need to hit the road.  I think some forces in my life are telling me the same message.  Maybe it is time to "Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more."  I've worn out a few welcomes recently.  Time to go.

The first version is from way back.  The second from a 1996 appearance on Saturday Night Live.   Ray aged so well. He had the magic to the end.  The third is Jamie Foxx's interpretation from his movie Ray.  I wish I had back up singers.



  1. Enjoy your sabbatical! It's good to see you back blogging!

  2. Carla, Thanks. Good to be writing again.


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