The mirror of memory.

Valya - 091312
I looked back in the mirror of memory
for a guide to which lanes are still open
to merge, swerve, and pass in.

The mirror showed me this lane was closed
due to too much time and too little use.
The mirror also showed me that lane was empty
but would take me down a precarious exit.

I looked forward again, through the windshield
of nearing destinations and arrivals,
nudged on the turn signal
and didn't bother to check my blind spot
for those dangers I can't let myself see.


  1. Valya gets more beautiful with every image. Well done.

    I like the poem also.

    Here's a short story my mind made up.

    We had awoke together. I had gone to take my morning pee and just came back into the room. Standing at the edge of the bed I almost start our usual morning chatter.

    She had been looking out the window at the morning sky and has just turned back to look at me as I entered the room. She doesn't say a word.

    I was going to get dressed and start the coffee pot going. But seeing her there in the soft morning light, causally open legs, nipples erect, her arms back and open completing the silent invitation. I too stay quiet.

    As I stand there taking in her beauty I start to slowly stroke my fading morning erection back to its pre-pee hardness, it's an invitation I can not refuse. I decide we can wait a little longer for that first cup of coffee as I lean over to crawl into her arms.

    D.L. Wood

    1. Over a life time, I've enjoyed a good number of these mornings. They make the days near perfect.


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