Dead Thistles - 081512

Fuck.  It is still 83 days until the presidential election.  I know who I am voting for.  I stopped watching, reading, or listening to the news when campaign coverage comes up.  I try not to follow the stuff on Facebook.  I watch all my tv shows on the DVR so I can fast forward past all campaign ads.  I am boycotting campaigning this year.

My dislike of campaigning started back in 1988, the first year I voted for a president.  I was at a liberal college and tried to debate (polite term for "argue" or "change the mind of") friends and family that wanted the other guy to win.  I learned a hard lesson once my guy lost.  In 100% of the attempts, I couldn't change anybody's choice.  I gave up trying soon after that.  Now, I am giving up on following the campaign either, well, almost all of it.

The one thing I am following now is the flow of money since the Citizens United case went through the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).  I disagree with the majority-voting justices on that case and truly believe they sold out the country to the wealthiest corporations.  I know some will say it gives the unions the same potential for influence.  First - the unions have no where that kind of money.  Second - I don't want the unions having that influence either. 

By avoiding watching any of the campaigning, I am hopefully making those dollars spent on getting my vote worthless.  I am not going to watch your ads, hear your vitriolic speeches, or listen to your stupid talking points that reduce complex issues to black and white absurdities. 

In 83 days, we will have elected the same guy to be president or chosen another guy to take his place in January.  Regardless of the outcome, the Union will survive. I believe every vote counts, but don't expect mine to be influenced by your (your, in the corporate sense) money. 

Side bar - below is a great video of Jon Stewart's take on the Chick-fil-et bullshit.
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  1. Karl, I am doing exactly the same thing. When the ads come on TV, I do whatever seems the best way at the moment to get away from seeing or hearing the ad. If political discussions or news coverage come on, I change the channel, saying to myself, "I don't want to hear that." I also know how I will vote, no question, so why stoke anger management issues by listening to a lot of negativity.

    The day will come when we won't survive. Sorry. I'm not a pessimist, I am a realist, and every Empire falls. History proves it.

    1. Carla - I am sorry for the late publish and reply. I am in the middle of a big move and couldn't get to my computer until today.

      I agree with your summary about history. This sense of exceptionalism is going to be over-turned by so many different groups. In the next 50 years, China, and maybe India will overshadow us with economic power. At a more personal level, the power held by the white male is also going to slide out and then justice will be a coming. That is seed for my "Lady Justice" series.

      I am glad to hear that all this political spending is going to waste on another sensitive person out there. Keep it turned off and keep being you.

  2. Karl, I left a comment here a couple days ago...I thought it went through but maybe not. I simply meant to agree with your chagrin over all the pounding we take from politicians. I too have already decided how I will vote regardless of what accusations and exaggerations either candidate might make. The decision being already made, I have no need to listen to all the scrapping. I turn the channel, turn off the TV, or simply hesitate to turn it on in the first place. The campaign has ruined the nightly network news for me. I guess I will be generally uniformed then.


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