Fae - 07012
Fae was the second model I worked with in Las Vegas.  She is a true gem to create with.  Her energy and spirit shows in her work.  She has fun modeling and I got a lot of good stuff to work with from our two sessions.  I have a collage of her I will share in a few posts that is part of a growing theme I am exploring on Justice and Lady Justice.

Fae and I created a number of images using the natural light in the living room.  We also used the LCD projector.  Once again, she is another model who loved experimenting using the LCD with me.  Until now I only used my my own images to project on the models.  I have used a Dali painting, but all photos were mine.  I used one for a couple of those shots,  Robert Frank's famous Highway 95 and appropriated it with Fae and another model.  I am still trying to find my boundaries with appropriation.  Barbed wire and others are my source images.

To all photographers visiting LV, Fae D-Cay is a golden model to work with.  She will make you smile and give you the magic to help you create art.

Fae2 - 070112
Fae and Robert Frank (color) - 070112
Fae and Robert Frank (BW) - 070112

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