Back to work...

Candace Nirvana - 022912
I've been really busy lately.  I finished up the first version of my commercial website and will share it here in the next post.  I also started an alternative photography methods course.  We have been playing around with photograms, cyanotypes, and crude toy cameras (Holgas, Dianas, etc.). 

With all of this fun, I resurrected my darkroom and started shooting film and printing again.  I missed the elegant peace of the analog method.  This may sound crazy, but I forgot how much I liked the smell of fix.  That smell gives me a peaceful feeling from all the memories of working in my darkroom. 

I recently worked with Candace Nirvana again.  We shot film and digital.  I still have to develop the film, but here above is a quiet moment from the shoot.  Candace is a gift to work with.

I have two big future posts coming up.  One is for my new website.  The second is in the works - the premier of my freshly completed series Border Moments.


  1. Lovely image - still and peaceful and the light is beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Carla. I love capturing quiet. Candace is a gem.


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