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Jacqui - 111511

It is a Tuesday and my time off is closing soon.  A few weeks ago I wrote of my change in plans that I would not make it to New York during this time off.  In place of that trip I planned to go to Vegas for an extended stay.  Now that trip has changed due to a few postponements in other personal areas.  So, NYC is back on.

I leave later this week and get back next week.  I hope to visit some old haunts, see some new things, meet a few friends and have a great weekend.

Another of Jacqui from the beginning of the shoot.

Jacqui - 111511


  1. All your "new stuff" makes me wonder, as I do so often, about the difference color and b/w photography. It's so profound, and I can never reconcile which I like better. The examples in your last three or four posts showcase the dilemma. How do you choose? You didn't. You posted both in some cases.

    I've been thinking about writing a post on the color vs. dilemma, but you'd be better qualified to do that.

    I look forward to more of your New York work. I bet you're going to have enough for a book after this visit. Be sure to share it with us when you get back.

  2. Carla,
    Thanks for the idea of writing about BW vs. Color. It is worth a post. I recommend we both write one, one from the point of a photographer and another from the point of a performance artist/model/scholar.

    I will get on this after I get back from NYC.


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