Pandering for votes

I entered a photo contest sponsored by Photo District News (PDN). I am sharing the link to the portfolio I built for the contest. It says you can vote for your favorite images, but I don't think it helps with the contest results. I would appreciate your feedback and criticism though.

Some of you may recognize yourself in the images. Thanks for helping out and enjoy.

PS- I was in such a hurry I misspelled my own name in creating the URL. Lesson learned about rushing.

Karl's portfolio link


  1. You are featured here http://drlightness.blogspot.com/2011/08/get-out-art-vote.html

  2. Carla, Than you so much. I truly appreciate it.

  3. When will you know how this comes out? I put up your link on deviantART, too.

  4. Carla - I forgot the exact date, but I believe it is late fall. Thanks for the mention on dA. All of it is greatly appreciated.


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