I left my heart in NYC... last year. Part 1 - Moon Marie

Moon - 061711a

I know Tony Bennett sings a different belief of where his heart is, but my mine is in NYC.  It has been one year since I went there with a class for a week long adventure.  Over the next few days I will post a few new pics from that trip.  For today's post I want to reflect on my work with Moon Marie.

On my third night I worked with the great model, Moon Marie.  We tried many different settings, poses, themes and intents.  I appreciated her attention to detail, staging and direction.  During the first break, I realized I shot the first hour at the wrong ISO - 2500.  She was very agreeable to stay an extra hour to redo some of the shots.  Her professional attitude made it a pleasure to work with and her enthusiasm for trying new things made the session fun.
Moon - 061711b

I am not sure if I like the black and white or color versions of this photo.  One thing for sure, Moon is a beauty.

Moon's blog - I am honored one of our photos is there.  


  1. Karl, I like the color version. The blues and golds along with Moon Marie's own warm skin tones create such a rush of warmth. The buildings beyond have Neoclassic shapes made all the more timeless and rich by the Mediterranean colors. This version is more exotic and timeless, crossing centuries visually.

  2. Definitely the color version.

  3. Yep...gotta go with the color. I'm a fan of contrast and in this case, you actually get more of it with the color than the black and white. The light and color contrast accents the model's shape much better than the B&W shadows, especially in her hips.


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